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Mission Statement


Woodbridge Town FC is very proud to be part of our local community, and our energies have been and will always be focused on building a sporting and social venue, with teams of excellence, alongside commercial activities aligned to our future ambitions.

We will strive to ensure the Woodbridge Town FC Experience is better than expected for all our members, the envy of all other clubs and visiting spectators.

We will allways embrace the local community, not only through sport, but socially as well, creating a relaxed, friendly environment, safe for all.

Woodbridge Town FC is dedicated to the promotion of football, regardless of Race, Creed or Colour, and our aim is always to provide equal opportunity for everyone, male or female, and to develop their talents in a organised, safe environment. We also undertake to provide clear pathways from youth through to senior football teams for all players, as well as provide access to those looking to pursue Refereeing or coaching careers.

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