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Last nights TNPD match was abandoned following injury to the hosts keeper, Finley Shorten.

Shorton who went down on three separate occasions in quick succession following an accidental clash with Woodpeckers striker Mark Ray with about two thirds of the match played and Woodbridge leading 2-0.

Shorton, who was once a Woodbridge player, was treated by the clubs' physio and first aider for some time before they advised the referee James Black the player should not be moved until emergency services arrived.

He was subsequently taken to accident and emergency at hospital for observation.

The official eventually agreed to call the game off but was then ordered by a Suffolk FA refereeing assessor not to reveal the time on his watch when he abandoned the game.

Black was asked by the media and officers from both clubs but the unnamed assessor ordered the match official not to speak to the press and told club officers they had to wait until Suffolk FA had received the referee's report.

Whether the match will go down as a win for the Peckers or replayed is now in the hands of the Suffolk FA

Woodbridge, managed by former Ipswich star Luke Hyam and assisted by old Blues teammate Billy Clarke, went two up in quick tie early in the first half through Brosnan Jarrett and Conor Field.

Brantham worked their way back into the game but had a goal late in the first half disallowed for offside.

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