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Captain's Corner

This week it was the turn of First Team captain, Sean Rea, to answer our questions.

Position – Right back

Time at the club? – Re-signed 5 years ago

Best moment With Woodbridge Town? Winning the league & Cup Double

How are you finding the current lockdown? Not too bad, I’m grateful to be able to work from home so my Monday-Friday has routine although cabin fever sets in now and again!

What are you missing the most? Everything that represents normality… socialising with family/mates, playing football, going into the office, going to the gym.

Do you think the FA, leagues etc. Should make every effort to conclude the season? Unfortunately, I don’t think they should or can. There are far too many obstacles in the way. Heading into March where each team in the league has 25-30 league games remaining is a logistical nightmare and even when we were allowed to play in Tier 2 there was resistance from a number of clubs in the league to fulfil their fixtures due to restrictions affecting their ability to generate income on matchdays. Its frustrating for everybody involved but I believe the focus should now be on starting next season and hope that this is the last time a season gets interrupted/cancelled.

How have you managed to keep fit during lockdown? I workout most days through weight training & have been walking a fair bit too. This month I’ve set myself a personal target of running of 100km to help with the February Fundraiser so that has given me some extra focus and some motivation to start road running more which I’m finally beginning to enjoy a little bit, I’ve never really been a fan of road running to be honest.

We’ve seen the February Fundraiser and club getting closer to raising £2,500 for FIND, tell us a bit more about your involvement with that: Leon came up with the idea, we had an initial chat about it and then decided to push forwards with the idea and get all of the lads in the first team involved. Linking up with the reserve & ladies team there’s been a great effort from everybody involved representing the club, we are close to hitting the £2,500 target and on track to surpass the 2,000 miles running target that we set out to achieve also.

Do you think sports plays a massive part of mental health and well-being? Yes, in several ways. Whether it be the release some people need on a Saturday after a week at work, added structure to a week through matchdays and training nights or just the social aspects that you get from being involved in a team sport. The Saturday release and social aspects also apply to anybody else involved in the sport, whether that be the people that volunteer at the local clubs or spectators that like to watch the games every Saturday.

Have you learnt any new hobbies? I’m trying to read a lot more & have had the paint brush out a few times for the house. Nothing too exciting!

What’s the best thing you’ve watched on TV, Netflix etc during the lockdowns? Bloodline on Netflix, very good.

If you could choose a song to sum up last year, what would it be? The Rolling Stones- 'Lockdown' is a good one.

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